Our mission is to exhibit and celebrate films from Latin America, Spain and Portugal that possess a high-level of artistry and are otherwise noteworthy for communicating a meaningful and powerful message of social impact.

IAFFM supports the education and creative development of local and Ibero-American filmmakers by providing access to training and networking opportunities.


The Ibero-American Film Festival Miami was created in 2016 under its previous name, Indie Pasión Festival. By 2019, this small but mighty one-day event grew into four full days packed with screenings, forums, special events and networking mixers.

Like many film festivals around the world, our 2020 festival was cancelled due to the global pandemic. Our 2021 festival is being reinvented with a full hybrid program that is safe and also provides an easy way for Ibero-American and local filmmakers to showcase their work, gain a new audience and network with established filmmakers and executives.


Fernando Arciniega

Founder & Executive Director

Sergio Cabrera

Honorary Director

Diego Lerer

Lead Programmer

Paulina Montes

Co-Founder & Social Impact Director

Martha Rosende

Financial Director

Brandon Del Toro

Operations Director

Famor Botero

New Talent Engagement Director

Giovanna Aguilar

Writer | Director | Producer

Rossana Barro

Guests Relations

Gonzalo Mejia

Communications Director

Diego Rosende

Technical Director

Ari Global

Global Professional

Lucia Ugarte

Creative Director

Tobías Quirici

Image & Design

Paolo Lapi

Marketing & Development

Christian Carabias

Community Engagement

Xenia Marcinko

Production Advisor

Jorge Otero

Production Advisor